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Prescott Arizona Autism Advocate Faces 150+ Years in Prison Over School District Intimidation Tactics.
By Barry Williams,
Ray Parenteau is a parent of a child with autism and the co-founder of . He has stood up countless times and advocated for the educational rights of children with autism and other disabilities in this small central Arizona town of Prescott for the last several years.

In just the last 90 days he has filed and prevailed in 8 Arizona Department of Education complaints and one due process complaint while representing 6 students.

Yesterday he met with Prescott Unified School District's superintendent Kevin Kapp

and officials the Department of Justice from Denver Colorado and came to a resolution agreement concerning the discrimination of a hearing impaired child with down syndrome. It was there second time out in a little over a year.

In this case the home room teacher of the junior high school told a students parents "that it would be too upsetting to the regular students" for the disabled child to attend here." The student was unable to attend his home school for over one month while the problem was sorted out.

At 7am this morning Mr. Parenteau he was awakened to a half dozen plain clothes detectives with guns drawn serving a warrant for his arrest He was charged with 1 count of fraud and 31 counts of forgery resulting from a contract between his company and the district from a due process complaint to educate his son.

"I have done nothing wrong. "This is a clear case of intimidation between the Prescott Unified School District and myself to prevent me from helping the kids that need it the most." states Mr. Parenteau.  I was just trying to hold them (the district) accountable and give the kids a chance to succeed."
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An autistic 8-year old girl, Evelyn Towry, was arrested in Kootenai Elementary School because of accusations that she was assaulting school's staff. What happened was that she had been refused entry into a school Christmas party because she refused to take off her beloved cow costume that was a hoodie with cow ears and a tail. Evelyn was put in a separate classroom away from the party, but when she tried to leave, the teachers told her to stay put. When Evelyn protested, the adults physically restrained her. She was very scared so she reacted in a violent way to the physical restraint. Evelyn got bruises on her legs, and is tormented by memories of the incident. The staff immediately called the police who put handcuffs on Evelyn and took her to the station.

First after a couple of hours her mother was allowed to take her home. The Towry family is considering legal action against the school. At a hearing on the case the prosecutor said that he didn't think at this time it would be beneficial to pursue it because of Evelyn's age and her condition.

Police Arrest and Handcuff
8 Year Old Autistic Girl
Handicapped Children Restrained Confined Abused and Murdered!